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I Spy Art
Announcing a Constable Family Game!
Art is such an integral part of our lives, whether we are producers, consumers, or audiences of it, that we may take it for granted. Help us increase our awarenessand celebrate the goodness that art can bring to our lives by playing I SPY ART. Keep your eyes peeled in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, doctor's office, closets, on the streets and playgrounds, in your is almost everywhere that people are!

To play, Constable families and classes simply search for art in the world around them that fit into the chosen monthly theme (for example, architecture or illustration) then share your findings with us in one of these ways:
- send in a printed photo to the art room (preferred, so we can save ink) OR
- send a drawing of the discovery, OR
- email a digital photo of your discovery to [email protected] (smart phone photos welcome)
- students in grades 2 and up should also include a short sentence or two telling the title, artist, how this work helps people, why they chose it, what it makes you think of, or anything else noteworthy about the work.

Monthly themes will be posted on the art website and announced in class. Participants will be recognized in school. Submissions will be added to a permanent collection unless otherwise indicated.
Let's celebrate art!!

Artsonia Click here to view your child's work!
I will be publishing student artwork this year on the online gallery Artsonia. This is an unparalleled experience which gives students the opportunity to share their artwork wirelessly across the globe, have fan clubs, receive compliments, and reproduce their artwork on every day products for admiration and gift-giving. It is my goal to publish artwork for all of our students. All students will be automatically registered unless they have turned in a media non-consent form (sent home the first week of school). Override forms are available upon request if a family wishes to give media consent for only this application. Families will receive notification when artwork is published. Be sure to share with all your family members and encourage our budding artists.

Art Displays and Online Galery

Student art displays are located throughout the school and are updated regularly so that students can take pride in their work and so visitors can enjoy all that we do. Additionally, you can see many of the projects we do here on Constable’s Virtual Art Gallery located on If you have previously signed a release form for Artsonia, your child’s artwork will be posted on this gallery at least once a year. If your child is new to Constable, please contact me for a release form required for me to post your child’s artwork. In addition to viewing the wonderful work that the Constable artists create, you can also register which will allow you to leave comments on artwork and purchase a variety of merchandise featuring your child’s artwork. A percentage of the proceeds from purchases will benefit the art program.

"Art Smart"
Most of the elementary art teachers in South Brunswick have adopted the “Art Smart” dressing policy in order to reduce the spreading of germs caused by sharing smocks. Dressing “Art Smart” means that on your child’s art day, he or she should not wear very nice or new clothing. Although we take precautions like using mostly washable materials and reminding students to push sleeves up, this policy helps minimize students (and parents) being upset by messes on clothing. You are welcome to send in a smock for your child to use, but it will be his or her responsibility to remember to wear it.

Art Studio

Constable stuidents in grades three through five are given the opportunity to participate in Art Studio. Art Studio takes place during recess on one day of the week (see below). Due to a high level of participation, they have been split into four sessions that run approximately 8 weeks each, and will be notified at the beginning of their session. Projects will be chosen based upon student interest and ability, and students in different sessions may have a chance to work on the same projects.

Art Student