Due Process Rights

Constable School

A community of learners

Committed to high achievement,

Respect and personal responsibility

I have the right to learn and the responsibility to do my best.

  • I do my homework.
  • I show effort
  • I do my classwork.
  • I contribute to the work of my group.

I have the right to be respected by others and the responsibility to listen to others and appreciate their ideas.

  • I am kind toward others.
  • I help others.
  • I show compassion toward others.
  • I am polite.

I have the right to be an active student in the school community and take responsibility for my actions.

  • I tell the truth.
  • I do my chores.
  • I attend school regularly.
  • I meet my obligations to the school activities I participate in.

I have the right to be safe and the responsibility to treat others in a safe manner.

  • I solve problems using words.
  • I tell the truth about my role in a conflict.
  • I avoid touching things that do not belong to me.